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Empowering the Youth at Rental Estates with Bodeiga Barbershop

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Lighting the path for youths at rental estates, through mentoring with Bodeiga barbers and PH volunteers over a day of grooming and fun activities.

Since August 2021, Project Hills has collaborated with Bodeiga Barbershop to give free haircuts to 400 youths within our rental estates over a period of 3 months. The aim was to provide young boys the experience of a gentleman's haircut and showcase the importance of good grooming.

Not just a free hair cut - Project Hills volunteers and Bodeiga barbers acted as mentors and provided advice and motivation to the kids, all within the relaxed environment of a barbershop. Beyond assisting needy families with daily necessities, Project Hills believes in empowering the youths in rental estates through mentoring, building stronger bonds with them and helping them with their personal development.

We are extremely humbled by the heartfelt support by our community - rallying with us to raise $10,156 for this collaboration, and we sincerely extend our deepest gratitude for all the support! The money was used to cover the costs for the haircuts, the various activities and games that our volunteers will engage in with the youths as well as logistical costs such as venue rental and transport. Once again, we are grateful for the donors who helped us give this opportunity to our kids, chances for them to have experiences they would otherwise have no access to. Thank you for #lightingtheirplight with Project Hills.

Highlights below, follow our journey on @theprojecthills. Support us and get involved.

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